Beyond finding the home, Rob and Yamel were incredibly knowledgeable and organized…

Rob and Yamel make an incredible team! Prior to finding the Maynards, my fiancé and I had worked with another agent for nearly 6 months with no success at finding a home. After working with Rob and Yamel for only a month, we had an accepted offer on our dream home. Beyond finding the home, Rob and Yamel were incredibly knowledgeable and organized, making for an easy and efficient escrow process. I truly can’t say enough about Rob and Yamel. They are professional, diligent and take tremendous pride in what they do. For first time home-owners like my fiancé and I, we were so grateful to have a team like them.

Without dragging on forever, there is one story I must tell that perfectly speaks to their character. We originally started our search for a home in the Culver City area. Given how hot the market was and taking into consideration distance from our parents, we changed course, looked for a home in the valley and upped our budget to focus on finding something south of the boulevard. When we found our home, we asked Rob and Yamel for their opinion on the property before putting in an offer. Without hesitation, they told us it was a great neighborhood and good value, but if we had our hearts set on Culver City, we might consider being patient and refocusing on that area. Ultimately, they wanted to make sure we weren’t upping our budget just to settle on an area we didn’t really want. Very few agents will risk a potential commission to put their client’s best interest before their own. This is precisely what speaks to the Maynards’ character, professionalism and dedication to their clients.

I highly recommend Rob and Yamel for any individuals looking to sell/purchase a home. I, myself, look forward to working with them again in the future!